Traits to Avoid When Choosing an SEO Reseller

Many online businesses will already have a firm understanding of the types of benefits that a search engine optimisation service can bring to the table. As advantageous as many providers can be, there are those that are far keener to make a quick profit, before leaving their paying customer to suffer the consequences of their unsavoury techniques.

Hiring an SEO reseller company should never be a spur of the moment decision, in fact with so many low quality services promising the best results with minimal risks, it can be very tempting to opt for these cheaper providers and hope for the best. Thousands of businesses have learnt first-hand just how detrimental a decision this can be, so if you’re keen to avoid these services at all costs, what should you look out for in particular?

A bad track record

There’s only one main reason why a business will consistently receive poor feedback from its previous clientele; and that’s because they didn’t work to the required standards. Optimisation is a process that should only ever be undertaken by the professionals and if you end up hiring a bad service, your web presence could quickly begin to suffer. If their clients say that they should be avoided, then take heed of their warnings.

False promises

One of the most common traits that bad providers have in common is that they will oversell their services. If an apparent expert approaches you and claims that they will be able to rank a website in a competitive niche in less than a few weeks, then the chances are that they are hoping to use unsavoury (and risky tactics). A good provider will estimate anywhere between six and nine months, and if results happen before then – then that’s an added bonus that the client will appreciate.

Unsavoury techniques

Black hat tricks are a sure fire way to have a website delisted from search results. With search engines like Google cracking down on offenders, it’s never been more important for an optimisation project to be handled by actual experts. They will avoid these risky methods and opt for proven, safe methods that can help sites to rank well, whilst encouraging organic growth and visibility.