Video Production for Online Advertising

How Does Video Advertising Work?

Hundreds of businesses are turning to the potential of video advertising each week and much of this transition from static to dynamic marketing methods can be put down to the way in which audiences engage with products and services. In the old days, when the internet was a fairly new concept, the potential for a single static banner to be displayed prominently was often more than enough to compel an audience into action.

These days the internet plays host to a brand new generation of users – and the majority of these will prefer a little more stimulation when products are marketed in their direction.

And that’s where video advertisements come into the fray – much of their impact can be linked to an individual’s demand to be entertained, without having to siphon through countless masses of text to find what they are looking for. Videos and clips can offer an ideal platform to engage an audience, but how does the process work exactly?

The scripting phase

During this phase, a video production company will get to know the needs and expectations of their client. They will then put a script together to showcase the unique services offered, or place a particular product into the limelight.

The recording phase

Once prepared, the company will record an advert relevant to the needs of the company. This may involve actors and actresses, personal comments, or anything in between. The main purpose of this phase is to capture the product or service that requires promotion.

The uploading phase

With the media recorded, edited and converted into a suitable file, the final step is to choose the most beneficial platform for the file to be uploaded. Some companies opt for social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Others may want to place the video directly onto their own website, to allow visitors to enjoy it whenever they stop by.

Whatever the platform used, the result is often the ability to reach a wider, visually-inclined audience that will be far more likely to engage with the goods or brand being promoted.