4G Remote Monitoring, Access and Control

BESA 4G Remote Server

4G Remote Monitoring Intro

BESA have developed a 4G Remote Monitoring, Access and Control platform that connects remote Managers, Engineers and Technicians to equipment on the ground securely.

A common problem in Australia is the vast distance between critical equipment and the companies that monitor and service this equipment. Downtime generally isn’t an option so a comprehensive, secure and reliable remote monitoring, access and control system is required.

How it works

The system works on the latest secure Virtual Private Network technology that is rapidly deployable and customisable. The VPN server is hosted on a Microsoft Azure server and allows remote clients and remote networks join together as if they were next to you.

The remote client is installed on a clients computer and configured to connect to the server.

The satellite sites requires power and a wifi or ethernet connection with internet access to be able to connect to the Azure server. Once this link is established anything on the satellite site is now accessible remotely.

Various field devices are then deployed to connect and gather data from various components, such as:

  • RS-232 to ethernet converters
  • USB to ethernet converters
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU to ethernet converter
  • Remote IO Modules running Modbus TCP

A remote SCADA system is hosted on the Azure server allowing secure access to view gathered data and trigger outputs such as a reset button. The SCADA system is constantly connected to one or more satellite sites gathering data and monitoring systems.

Alarms can be sent via SMS or Email to multiple recipients if an input changes outside of it’s designated parameters or if communication to the satellite site is lost.


  • Easy to install and customise
  • Cost effective and reliable solution
  • Ideal for monitoring one remote site or 200
  • No requirement for static or dynamic IP addresses
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Low latency connections – Sydney to Country Victoria – 50 ms
  • The ability to connect one off remote clients for commissioning or upgrades
  • View, manage and control all your remote sites in the one location

BESA provide specific solutions based on our clients requirements, to find out how we can help, contact info@bluenergy.com.au