Lead Engineer

Introducing Jake Thodey, the visionary lead engineer at Blue Energy Solutions Australia driving successful energy projects. With expertise in designing innovative energy solutions, Jake is dedicated to sustainable energy systems, efficiency and automation.

With a specialisation in clean energy systems, Jake has spent the last 15 years at the forefront of transformative project design. From pioneering cogeneration and trigeneration systems to revolutionising biogas systems and anaerobic digestion plants, Jake has consistently pushed the boundaries of energy production. He is equally proficient in modelling and designing solar installations and excels in thermal and electrical design, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration of renewable energy systems.


Jake’s diverse background includes roles in cogeneration, trigeneration, biogas, solar PV (roof and ground mount), commercial heating, energy initiatives, and systems design, providing a well-rounded understanding of sustainable engineering dynamics.

As a renewable and grid energy expert with a specialisation in Mechanical Engineering, renewable energy and control systems,  Jake maintains industry standards, accreditations, and also has an in-depth knowledge of Australian standards.

His contributions have shaped the energy landscape, from biogas cogeneration systems to national installations totalling 5.5 MW across Australia. Notable projects include 2MW Tongala abattoir biogas and cogeneration system, multi energy thermal and electrical system at Gunyama Park Aquatic Centre as well as countless cogeneration and energy efficiency systems across Australia.  Jake also consults on Biomass, Biogas, Cogeneration, HVAC and Heat pump systems, and has served the government as an expert witness for the Fiona Stanley Hospital Trigeneration System dispute.

Jake has significant experience designing, costing and planning projects from concept, through procurement, managing an installation team and finally leading commissioning and finally building the systems for maintaining the installed equipment. 

Beyond project execution, Jake navigates complex processes, approvals, and compliance, ensuring high standards and successful outcomes. Jake’s future objectives include advancing design engineering, leading teams in clean energy and grid efficiency, mitigating climate change, leveraging expertise in renewables and thermal systems, promoting sustainable energy adoption, maintaining professional integrity, and upholding principles of Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, and Delivery.

As the lead engineer at Blue Energy Solutions Australia, Jake is currently working on various biogas and biomass, industrial solar and heat pump systems where he embodies innovation and sustainability and strives to increase system efficiency, drive down operational costs, and cut operating carbon emissions. 

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