SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS Gas Engine Oil, the premium lubricant formulated to deliver superior performance and advanced protection for your gas engines. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional properties, SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS ensures optimal engine reliability, extended service life, and enhanced efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

Superior Wear Protection: SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS is engineered to provide exceptional wear protection for critical engine components. Its advanced additive technology forms a robust lubricating film that minimizes friction, reduces wear, and extends the operational life of your gas engines. This leads to improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Outstanding Deposit Control: The advanced detergent and dispersant additives in SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS effectively control the formation of deposits, sludge, and varnish. By keeping engine components clean and preventing deposit build-up, this gas engine oil optimizes engine performance, maintains fuel efficiency, and ensures consistent power output.

Enhanced Oxidation Stability: SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS features exceptional oxidation stability, enabling it to withstand high operating temperatures without degradation. This ensures the oil remains stable and retains its lubricating properties even under demanding gas engine conditions. The result is extended oil life and reduced maintenance intervals.

Low Ash Content: SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS is formulated with a low ash content, minimizing the formation of harmful ash deposits in the engine. This helps reduce the risk of valve recession, spark plug fouling, and other combustion-related issues. By promoting cleaner combustion, this gas engine oil contributes to improved engine efficiency and reduced emissions.

Corrosion and Rust Protection: SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS provides excellent corrosion and rust protection for vital engine components. Its formulation creates a protective barrier that shields against the damaging effects of moisture and acidic combustion by-products. This ensures long-lasting engine performance and reliability, particularly in gas engines exposed to harsh operating conditions.

Fuel Efficiency and Enhanced Performance: SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS is designed to optimize fuel efficiency in gas engines. By reducing friction, controlling deposits, and maximizing engine performance, this gas engine oil helps minimize fuel consumption and operational costs. With SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS, you can unlock enhanced power output and elevate the overall performance of your gas engines.

Compatibility and Versatility: SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS is compatible with a wide range of gas engines, including natural gas and biogas applications. It meets or exceeds the requirements of various engine manufacturers and industry specifications, ensuring reliable performance and compatibility across different gas engine platforms.


SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS Gas Engine Oil is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

Gas power generation

Cogeneration systems

Biogas and landfill gas engines

Gas compression stations

Industrial gas engines

Unleash Enhanced Performance and Protection with SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS Gas Engine Oil

Experience the difference SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS Gas Engine Oil can make in maximizing the performance and protection of your gas engines. Contact us today to learn more about SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS and how it can elevate the reliability and efficiency of your gas engines. Unleash the power of enhanced performance and protection with SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS Gas Engine Oil.