Sydney Cogeneration and Solar Project

Sydney CBD Roof Top Solar

Sydney CBD Cogeneration and Solar Project

BESA have successfully completed integration and commissioning of a Natural Gas Cogeneration package and Solar Array for Simons Green Energy and Solgen at the newly built Gunyama Aquatic Centre located in Sydney CBD.

The project involved integrating both the cogeneration generator and solar together, generator commissioning, configuring of mains protection relays and subsequent injection testing.

Cogeneration and Solar Controller

A centralised controller was developed, built and programmed specifically for the project to achieve zero exported power under all conditions, as well as a demand response feature to reduce imported power to the site.

Cogeneration Commissioning
Cogeneration Commissioning

The controller communicated over Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU to:

  • Building Management and Control System
  • Centrica Cogeneration Package
  • SMA Inverter Manager
  • ComAp Intelipro

The system also features a web based portal to view and control all equipment as well as remote access over secure VPN network.

How the System Works

The Cogeneration package will supplement the facility’s electrical and thermal base load to provide cleaner and more efficient energy. Cogeneration explained here.

Cogeneration Package
Inside a Cogeneration Package

Engine electrical power will vary depending on the amount of solar produced by the panels. When the sun shines brighter, the amount of energy increases and the amount of energy supplied by the network (Ausgrid) is reduced. The Cogeneration package is sent a signal to increase or decrease load depending on the amount of extra power required.

Thermal energy is introduced into the building ‘Hot Water’ loop which supplies:

  • AHU’s (Air Handling Unit) – which provide heating of incoming and recirculating air to commercial buildings such as aquatic centers, shopping centers, etc.
  • Plate Heat Exchanges provide a means of heating pool water and domestic water safely and efficiently while keeping the two circuits separated.

This Hot Water loop is otherwise supplied by gas boilers. During winter the thermal demand on an Aquatic Center is huge and requires large amounts of gas and electricity to keep up with demand. Cogeneration is an excellent choice for this application.

If you would like to find out more information on Cogeneration or have one installed but not operating as it should, contact us here or at