Managing Director of Blue Energy Solutions Australia

Meet Bill, the driving force behind Blue Energy Solutions Australia’s success as the Director and Controls Engineer. With a rich blend of qualifications and skills, Bill is a valuable asset to the team, combining expertise in cogeneration, renewable energy, and controls engineering.

With qualifications in Control System Engineering, Rotating Equipment Specialization, and Gas Combustion, Bill has emerged as a field-leading expert. Bill’s profound grasp of control system engineering, combined with his specialization in rotating equipment, enables precise design and optimization of cogeneration and renewable energy projects.

Bill’s skills extend beyond engineering. With a robust project management background and stakeholder engagement skills, he excels in navigating complex projects and achieving success. His ability to effectively integrate PLC and SCADA systems ensures seamless operation and efficient management of energy systems. Furthermore, Bill’s strong engineering and economic acumen enables him to optimize projects technically and financially.


Throughout his career, Bill has amassed significant experience in plant operation, maintenance, and reliability management. His safety management expertise ensures industry-leading operational excellence and compliance standards.

Bill’s project experience reflects his diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to excellence. Noteworthy projects include the design and integration of the biogas control system at the Tongala Abattoir in VIC. He was instrumental in designing and integrating cogeneration, solar, and demand response systems in Sydney, NSW, enhancing energy efficiency and grid stability.

Bill has extensive global experience, which involves overseeing the establishment of an anaerobic digestion facility in Hokkaido, Japan. He has also served as a technical specialist for various projects, reliability engineer and asset management for biogas, natural gas and landfill gas powerstations ranging from 2-106 MW.

As BESA’s Director, Bill is not only a skilled controls engineer but also a passionate advocate for climate action. With a decade of renewable energy sector experience, he possesses deep knowledge of gas handling and combustion in bioenergy plants, wastewater treatment plants, and landfills. Bill actively seeks opportunities to expand the renewable energy sector in Australia, fostering partnerships with key stakeholders and developing commercially viable initiatives involving biogas, solar, natural gas cogeneration, and grid demand response.

Bill Atlee’s expertise and commitment to sustainable energy solutions make him an invaluable leader within Blue Energy Solutions Australia. Bill’s technical prowess, project management skills, and dedication to climate action position him to drive Australia’s renewable energy sector growth.

For visionary leadership in your energy projects, Bill Atlee’s expertise and passion promise a lasting impact.

Contact BESA today to see how Bill can help turn your renewable energy aspirations into reality.