Mayfield Aquatic Centre – Rheem Heat Pump Installation

Rhem Heat Pump

Today we installed our 265 kW Rheem Heat Pump for City of Newcastle at Mayfield Aquatic Centre.

Heat Pumps convert electricity to heat using simple technology similiar to an air conditioning unit. This system turns 66 kW of electricity into 265 kW of heat.

Blue Energy Install Rhem Heat Pump
Mayfield Aquatic Centre new Heat Pump Installation

The project is one of many turnkey EPC contracts for City of Newcastle that BESA will be delivering, to assist them reaching their climate goals.

Compared to Gas, the high efficiency heat pump will reduce emissions by approximately 150 tonnes per year and should reduce costs by approximately $100,000 per year.

Rheem Heat Pump Birds Eye View
Birds Eye View of Rheem 265 kW Heat Pump

BESA are a distributor for Rheem Heat Pumps and can complete feasibility, detailed design, contruction and installation. If you require any further information please reach out.

Installation of 265 kW Rheem Heat Pump