Wynyard Place Cogeneration Install

MWM TCG 3016

Wynyard Place Cogeneration Install

Last week we commenced pre-commissioning of our MWM TCG 3016 at Wynyard Place, Sydney – We’ve so far successfully completed point to point checks on 60 multicore cables running from the engine module to 3 remote panels incorporating generator circuit breaker, TPEM HMI and engine control panel. We’ve now powered up the machine and preparing for its first start in Australia.

The package supplied by TEDOM in the Czech Republic incorporates all systems to successfully control and automate its operation.

This generator will soon be providing base load power as well as heating for this newly built building 29 levels up in the heart of Sydney CBD

Cogeneration is the simultaneous creation of power and heat using natural gas. Almost every large commercial office building consumes natural gas in a boiler for space heating and electricity is supplied from the local grid. Cogeneration is an energy efficient way of solving both of these problems while also providing demand response during high grid demand periods.