Solving the Distance Dilemma

Your Remote Equipment Monitored and Managed with Ease

In Australia, one of the most common challenges faced by companies is the considerable distance between critical equipment and the monitoring and servicing of facilities. We understand that downtime is simply not an option. That’s why at BESA, we offer secure, reliable remote monitoring, access and control systems to keep your operations running smoothly.

At BESA, we’ve crafted unique technology to bridge the vast distances between critical equipment and monitoring services in Australia. So, say goodbye to the headaches of managing remote equipment and embrace the future of seamless monitoring and control.

How Our System Works

We’ve built our unique system on the latest secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, allowing for rapid deployment and complete customisation. The core of our infrastructure lies within a server, ensuring a secure environment where remote clients and networks converge seamlessly, creating the illusion of proximity.

Here’s a brief overview of how it all comes together:

  1. Install the Remote Client: The process begins by installing our remote client software on your computer. We would configure this software to connect seamlessly with our server.
  2. Satellite Sites Connection: Satellite sites have either a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to gain internet access, powering and equipping them accordingly. Once connected to the server, these sites become instantly accessible from any remote location.
  3. Field Devices Deployment: We strategically deploy various field devices to collect data from different components. These include RS-232 to Ethernet converters, USB to Ethernet converters, RS-485 / Modbus RTU to Ethernet converters, and Remote IO Modules running Modbus TCP.
  4. Secure Remote SCADA System: Our unique SCADA system ensures secure access to view all the gathered data and even allows for triggering outputs such as a reset button. It continuously connects to one or more satellite sites, effectively monitoring systems in real-time.
  5. Instant Alerts and Notifications: Stay informed at all times. Our system can send alarms via SMS or email to multiple recipients when an input changes outside its designated parameters or when communication with the satellite site is lost.

Why Choose Our Remote Monitoring System?

Ease of Installation and Customisation

We design our systems for simplicity and can easily customise it to meet your specific needs.

Cost-Effective and Reliable

Rest assured that your investment will yield substantial returns. Our system is reliable, ensuring that your critical operations remain unaffected.

Scaling Flexibility

Whether you need to monitor a single remote site or two hundred, our system scales effortlessly to accommodate your requirements. Additionally, it adapts seamlessly to meet your needs.

Rapid Deployment

Time is of the essence. With our quick deployment process, you can have your system up and running in no time.

Low Latency Connections

Experience swift and responsive connections, even over long distances. For example, when connecting from Sydney to Country Victoria, there is only a mere 50 ms latency.

On-Demand Connectivity

Need to connect one-off remote clients for commissioning or upgrades? Our system offers the flexibility to handle such situations effortlessly.

Centralised Remote Site Management

Manage and control all your remote sites from a single, convenient location.

Why wait any longer?

Join countless satisfied clients who have embraced the power of remote connectivity with us. Our low latency connections, rapid deployment and on-demand connectivity make us the trusted choice for small and large businesses across Australia.

Step into the world of seamless monitoring and control today. Contact our team of experts to discuss your needs and witness the transformation of your operations.

Embrace efficiency, embrace reliability – embrace the future with BESA.