At BESA we have a range of ECOMAX and ECOMAX NEXT packages available, meticulously designed for landfill gas, biogas, and natural gas applications. These advanced cogeneration solutions combine compactness, versatility, and modularity to deliver unparalleled energy efficiency. Say goodbye to extensive infrastructure modifications, as our ECOMAX packages offer effortless configuration, hassle-free transport and installation, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Count on our unwavering support to keep your operations running smoothly, even in the most challenging circumstances.

AB ECOMAX® Packages

ECOMAX and ECOMAX Next packages utilise Jenbacher power plants to deliver unbeatable efficiency, reliability, and longevity in the toughest conditions. 

The packages are specifically targeted at Biogas and Landfill gas markets, with a focus on a quality genset, easy servicing, and a modular package.  

In addition to our industrial and commercial solutions, we can offer ECOMAX Greenhouse for comprehensive energy solutions tailored to meet the efficiency needs of greenhouses.

Experience the full spectrum of benefits with ECOMAX Greenhouse. Generate electricity to meet a wide range of energy demands, deliver heating and air conditioning with hot water at both high and low temperatures, and harness exhaust gases for CO₂ fertilisation to stimulate plant growth and optimise crop yield. Our turn-key solution addresses all your greenhouse’s energy needs in a single, meticulously designed package.

With ECOMAX Greenhouse, you benefit from a solution that prioritises sustainability and resource optimisation. Our cogeneration plants recover useful heat for greenhouse heating while providing CO₂ for crop fertilisation, ensuring efficient energy utilisation and fostering a greener environment.

Reinvent Your Energy Infrastructure with BESA

Choose BESA for a range of energy solutions, including AB cogeneration systems, to revolutionise your energy infrastructure.

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