Biogas H2S Removal Scrubber

The Biogas H2S Removal Scrubber is perfect for applications where a large
amount of biogas needs to be filter or scrubbed of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

Australian Made, Pressure rated to AS1210 and customised to specific applications, the scrubber has up to 15 m3 of internal capacity to maximise H2S removal.

Using Sulfatreat, Sulfatrap or CG5 iron oxide or carbon based media, this product will allow for effective reduction of Sulphur from biogas streams without the complexity or expense of a biological scrubber system. 


Biogas H2S Removal Scrubber
  • Australian Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Pressure rated to AS1210 for up to 50 kPa of operation (max design pressure = 100 kPa). 
  • The unit can also be used on the vacuum side of the blower, down to -10 kPa.
  • 250 mm flanged gas connections with perforated stainless internal components to eliminate media carryover.  Additional 100 mm service/inspection ports are additionally supplied. 
  • 500 mm flanged media delivery and removal ports.
  • Top mounted water injection system for flooding the base of the reactor prior to spent media removal.
  • Base water gauge glass and water drain for service.
  • Adequate space for forklift removal of used media.
  • 20T – 25T Filled weight.


  • Can be used with multiple media types such as Sulfatreat, Sulfatrap, CG5 iron oxide or carbon media.
  • Customisable depending on application and pressure drop required.
  • Iron media absorbs approximately 25-30% by weight of Sulphur.  Carbon media typically achieves 5% by weight of Sulphur.
  • Simple construction allows low ongoing maintenance costs.


  • Hazardous area rated bypass valve to control downstream H2S level and preserve media life. 
  • Pneumatic actuator and controller on media removal plate.
  • Customised size depending on application and media life.
  • Access walkway and overhead gantry for inspections / media loading.

If you would like find out more or need assistance with your Biogas plant design, please contact our engineer, Jake Thodey.