The C-4001 CHAMPION INDUSTRIAL SPARK PLUG is a high-performance spark plug designed for natural gas engines in stationary and transit applications. It features a newly designed double Iridium M14 J-Gap configuration, offering improved performance and high voltage strength for future applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

High-Performance Design

The C-4001 spark plug is specifically developed for usage in natural gas engines in both stationary and transit applications. It is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in demanding operating conditions.

Double Iridium Electrodes

This spark plug features double Iridium electrodes, which provide excellent spark performance and durability. The use of Iridium material ensures superior ignition and prolonged service life.

Enhanced Ceramic Material

The spark plug utilises an improved ceramic material that enables high voltage strength, making it suitable for future application requirements. This enhanced ceramic contributes to the overall performance and reliability of the spark plug.

Compact Hex Size

With a hex size of 16mm, the C-4001 spark plug is designed to fit into cylinder heads with limited clearance. This compact size allows for easy installation in applications where space is restricted.

Key Technical Features

Industrial High-Temperature FISS Technology

The spark plug incorporates INDUSTRIAL HIGH TEMPERATURE FISS TECHNOLOGY, ensuring stable resistance over its lifetime. This technology enhances the spark plug’s performance and reliability in various operating conditions.

Unique Ni-Plated Shell Hot-Locking Assembly

The spark plug features a unique ni-plated shell hot-locking assembly that increases mechanical strength against dynamic combustion pressures. This design ensures the spark plug’s durability and longevity.

Laser Welded IR Pads

The spark plug utilises laser-welded IR pads, enhancing thermal conductivity and wear behaviour. This contributes to improved performance and increased spark plug lifetime.

SAE Monoblock Terminal and Non-Ribbed Insulator

The spark plug is equipped with an SAE Monoblock terminal and non-ribbed insulator, providing an enhanced connection to ignition leads. This design feature ensures reliable electrical performance.

New Ceramic Formula

The spark plug incorporates a new ceramic formula that offers the highest voltage dielectric strength. This ceramic material provides excellent insulation properties, ensuring reliable spark performance.