At BESA, we are your trusted experts in commissioning services for cogeneration, biogas, and HVAC systems in Australia. We offer the expertise you need to ensure your systems are meticulously commissioned for optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Navigating Cogeneration Challenges

Commissioning cogeneration plants can be a complex endeavor, given their intricate interactions with various systems such as gas, biogas, hot water, fresh water, exhaust, power, control, PLC, and SCADA systems. Ensuring correct commissioning is vital for reliable, resilient power generation, even in challenging conditions.

The commissioning phase is often the most challenging part of making a cogeneration system operational. This is where any small errors or incorrect assumptions made during the system’s design come to light. Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of all relevant systems, programming, and their interactions within the cogeneration system.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Regulatory authorities, including electrical network owners, gas supply authorities, and energy safety authorities, closely scrutinize the commissioning process. They require verification that the systems comply with their stringent safety standards.

Timelines and Harmony

Commissioning a cogeneration system typically spans around two weeks per generator, followed by an additional two-month harmoniSation period. This ensures the system operates seamlessly after commissioning.

Navigating Biogas Challenges

Commissioning biogas systems presents its own unique set of challenges. These include dealing with variable fuel supply, high sulfur levels, wet gas, and the need for gas blowing and scrubbing. Adhering to specific standards, including electrical, gas, and hazardous area standards, is essential in this context.

Beyond Cogeneration and Biogas

BESA’s capabilities extend to the commissioning of HVAC equipment, encompassing heaters, chillers, heat pumps, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, control systems, and SCADA systems. Our expertise covers both our own equipment and equipment from other manufacturers. Even when encountering unfamiliar equipment, our team excels at deciphering mechanical and electrical drawings to understand the system’s intended design.

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