The G-6004 Industrial Spark Plug is a high-performance spark plug designed for industrial applications, specifically for engines fueled by Natural Gas, Biogas, and Landfill Gas. It offers enhanced durability, reliable performance, and an extended operational lifespan, making it an excellent choice for customers seeking a reliable spark plug solution for demanding applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Connection: The SAE Monoblock Terminal and Non-Ribbed Insulator design of the G-6004 spark plug improve the connection to ignition leads, ensuring reliable and efficient spark delivery.

High-Temperature FISS Technology: The G-6004 spark plug incorporates Industrial High-Temperature FISS Technology, which maintains stable resistance over the lifetime of the spark plug. This technology ensures consistent spark performance and ignition reliability even in high-temperature environments.

Ni-Plated Shell Hot-Locking Assembly: The unique Ni-Plated Shell Hot-Locking Assembly of the spark plug enhances its mechanical strength against dynamic combustion pressures. This design provides increased durability and reliability under demanding engine conditions.

Improved Installation Stability: The increased hex height of the spark plug’s shell improves installation tool stability, making the installation process easier and more secure.

Advanced Laser Welds: The G-6004 spark plug features advanced laser welds that increase thermal conductivity, contributing to improved wear behavior and an increased overall lifetime.

Lifetime and Electrode Gap Options: The G-6004 spark plug offers two lifetime options: 2,000* hours and 5,000* hours. Additionally, it provides electrode gap options of 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm, allowing for customization based on specific engine requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Suppressor Resistor: 3 – 12 kΩ

Hex Size: 22.2 mm (7/8 in)

Thread: M18 x 1.5

Thread Length: 20.7 mm (13/16 in)

Precious Metals: Iridium/Iridium

Electrode Gap (nominal): 0.3 mm (0.012 in)

Tightening Torque (cast iron): 50-60 Nm (37-44 lbf ft) without lubricant

Lifetime: Approximately 2,000 hours

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