The G-6001 Industrial Spark Plug is a high-performance spark plug designed specifically for open chamber applications in engines fuelled by Natural Gas and Biogas. It is an ideal choice for customers seeking a reliable OE replacement spare part with enhanced durability and performance. Developed with a massive quad electrode design, the G-6001 spark plug achieves an impressive lifetime of over 10,000* hours in Jenbacher type 3 engines, offering exceptional longevity and reliability.

Key Features and Benefits

Extreme Lifespan

The G-6001 spark plug’s quad electrode design is optimised for open chamber applications, delivering an extended lifespan. With lifetime runs exceeding 10,000* hours, it offers exceptional durability, making it suitable for long-term use in demanding engine environments.

Ground Electrode Design

The spark plug introduces a new ground electrode design that enables easy re-gapping operations. This feature provides convenience for maintenance and ensures optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

Robust Construction

The improved shell and insulator design of the G-6001 spark plug enhance its resistance against mechanical damage. This robust construction enables reliable performance even in challenging operating conditions.

Enhanced Connection

The SAE Monoblock Terminal and Non-Ribbed Insulator design of the spark plug improves the connection to ignition leads, ensuring stable and efficient spark delivery.

High-Temperature FISS Technology

The G-6001 spark plug utilizes Industrial High-Temperature FISS Technology, which maintains stable resistance over its lifetime. This technology ensures consistent spark performance and ignition reliability in high-temperature environments.

Ni-Plated Shell Hot-Locking Assembly

The spark plug features a unique Ni-Plated Shell Hot-Locking Assembly, enhancing its mechanical strength against dynamic combustion pressures. This design provides increased durability and reliability under demanding engine conditions.

Improved Wear Behaviour

The advanced laser welds in the spark plug contribute to improved thermal conductivity, resulting in enhanced wear behaviour and increased overall lifetime.

Precious Metal Electrodes

The G-6001 spark plug utilises a combination of Iridium and Platinum as precious metals for the electrodes. This configuration ensures excellent spark ignition performance and long-lasting durability.

Target Applications

The G-6001 spark plug is specifically designed for various industrial applications, including stationary engines, power generation/CHP systems, open chamber combustion engines, and heavy-duty start/stop operations. It is well-suited for engines fueled by Natural Gas and Biogas.


The G-6001 spark plug is compatible with Innio Jenbacher Type 3 engines and cross-references to Innio Jenbacher P7-Series spark plugs.

*Note: The lifetime of the spark plug may vary depending on operating conditions, including fuel, duty cycle/load, ignition system, and environmental factors.