High-Temperature Biogas Suction and Combustion Skid-Mounted Unit: The Compact, Efficient Solution for Emission Compliance and Energy Generation.

Conveco’s skid-mounted high-temperature biogas suction and combustion unit is a versatile and powerful solution designed for various applications. Its compact design allows for easy installation, making it suitable for definitive installations, emergency situations, temporary setups, or capacity testing of landfills to meet strict legislative requirements concerning atmospheric emissions.

Key Features

Compact and Efficient

Our skid-mounted unit packs high-temperature biogas suction and combustion capabilities in a space-efficient design. Its compactness ensures seamless integration into your existing infrastructure and simplifies both installation and relocation.

Versatile Applications

The unit’s adaptability makes it suitable for diverse scenarios, whether you need a definitive installation for energy generation or temporary deployment for emission compliance testing

Enhanced Control

Benefit from PLC operation, allowing for precise control and monitoring of the system’s performance. This advanced technology streamlines operation and ensures optimal efficiency.

Compliance and Emission Control

Achieve compliance with emissions regulations effectively with the combustion temperature ranging from 850 to 1100 °C. Our system helps you meet stringent emission standards and reduce environmental impact.

High-Temperature Combustion

The skid-mounted unit operates at high temperatures, ensuring efficient biogas combustion and maximum energy extraction, resulting in an effective and sustainable energy solution.


Definitive Installations

Experience the advantages of reliable and sustainable energy generation through definitive installations, ensuring consistent energy supply for your facility.

Emergency Situations

In case of unforeseen events or disruptions, our skid-mounted unit provides a quick and efficient solution to address energy demands and maintain essential operations.

Temporary Installations

Whether it’s for short-term projects or capacity testing, our unit offers the flexibility to cater to temporary energy requirements effectively.

Emission Compliance Testing

Ensure your landfill meets the strict legislative requirements for atmospheric emissions with our high-temperature biogas suction and combustion system.

Partner with Blue Energy Solutions

At BESA, we bring together engineering and technology expertise to deliver innovative and sustainable biogas solutions. This skid-mounted unit, equipped with high-temperature capabilities, provides you with a reliable and efficient solution for energy generation and emission control.

Contact us today to explore how this skid-mounted high-temperature biogas suction and combustion unit can cater to your unique energy needs, compliance requirements, and environmental goals.