At BESA, we are proud to offer a range of Tedom Cogeneration, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) products.  We design these systems to revolutionize energy generation and fulfill our customers’ diverse needs. TEDOM systems generate power and heat from various gases, including biogas, landfill gas, natural gas, propane and syngas.

Committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions, we’ve partnered with Tedom, a global CHP technology leader. With Tedom, we offer a comprehensive CHP unit portfolio: Tedom Micro, Tedom Cento, Tedom Flexi, and Tedom Quanto.

Tedom Micro (7kW-50kW)

The Tedom Micro is a compact and efficient micro CHP system offered by Blue Energy Solutions Australia. The Micro range revolutionizes small-scale commercial energy generation by delivering power and hot water in a compact, all-in-one package. TEDOM have designed the Micro CHP Solution for installations with limited space, ensuring powerful and efficient performance. It converts natural gas, biogas, or propane into electricity and heat, maximising energy utilisation and minimising waste. It achieves impressive electrical efficiency rates of up to 35%, and thermal efficiencies of above 50%. The system is scalable and comes with an intuitive control system, noise reduction features, and compliance with stringent emission regulations.

Tedom Cento (50kW – 200kW) – Medium Scale Applications

The Tedom Cento is a robust and high-performance CHP system designed for medium-scale applications. This system meets the energy demands of commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and district heating projects. Featuring a power output range from 50 kW to 200 kW, these systems efficiently utilize natural gas, biogas, or propane, providing fuel flexibility. The Tedom Cento combines CHP functionality to optimize energy efficiency, generating electricity while capturing waste heat for space heating, hot water, or industrial processes. With electrical efficiencies of up to 42%, and thermal efficiencies of up to 45%, the Cento range is perfect for commercial and industrial facilities. The system complies with Australian emission standards, operates quietly, and is built for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Tedom Flexi (200 kW to 530 kW) – Versatile and Flexible CHP Solution

The Tedom Flexi is a versatile and flexible CHP solution designed to meet the dynamic energy needs of various applications. With its modular design and adaptable configuration, this system offers customisable power generation, heat production, and hot water supply. The Tedom Flexi operates with natural gas, biogas, or propane, providing fuel flexibility. It incorporates CHP functionality, achieving electrical efficiencies ranging from 34% to 43%. The system offers a power output range of 200 kW to 530 kW, ensuring scalability. Equipped with an advanced control system, the Flexi range complies with Australian emission standards, operates quietly, and is built for durability. Blue Energy Solutions Australia provides engineering and installation services, ensuring seamless integration of the Tedom Flexi.

Tedom Quanto (400kW – 10,000kW) – High Efficiency CHP Unit for Large Scale Applications

The Tedom Quanto is a powerful and high-efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit designed for large-scale applications. Typically, we containerise these systems, but BESA also provides options for bare or indoor configurations.

Quanto boasts an impressive power output, ranging from 400 kW to 10,000 kW, catering to industrial facilities, district heating networks, and large commercial complexes. The Tedom Quanto operates with natural gas, biogas, or alternative fuels, providing fuel flexibility. Quanto incorporates CHP functionality, achieving electrical efficiencies up to 45%. The system is modular and scalable, equipped with an advanced control system for monitoring and control. Quanto, ensuring compliance with Australian emission regulations, minimizes noise and vibration while being designed for long-lasting durability. Blue Energy Solutions Australia offers engineering and installation services for seamless integration of the Tedom Quanto.

These TEDOM CHP advanced systems harness the power of natural gas, biogas, and propane to generate electricity, heat, and hot water in a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

With BESA and Tedom as your trusted partners, you can harness the expertise and reliability of this partnership to meet your energy needs and achieve new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Contact our Lead Engineer Jake Thodey, to discover how the TEDOM range of CHP solutions can meet your specific energy needs.