Our Absorption Chillers are powered by waste heat sources, including exhaust gases, steam, or hot water. They serve as an excellent alternative to conventional compressor chillers, particularly in situations where electricity is unreliable, costly, or unavailable. They also shine when surplus heat is readily available from Cogeneration systems, Solar setups, or other waste heat sources.

Introducing Trigeneration

When cooling is harnessed from heat, it’s known as Trigeneration. This ingenious process not only provides cooling but also generates onsite electricity and heating. Over the past 20 years, Trigeneration has consistently delivered environmental and energy savings. At BESA, we specialise in designing comprehensive turnkey solutions across various industries, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

Key Benefits of Absorption Chillers:

  • Produces chilled water for air conditioning cooling, process cooling, or inlet air cooling, tailored to your facility’s requirements.
  • Currently, 15 systems are operational within Australia.
  • Powered by cleaner sources such as waste heat, steam, or natural gas.
  • Consumes significantly less electricity compared to conventional air conditioning methods.
  • Offers flexible design options, allowing for multiple firing configurations.
  • Helium Pressure Tested for durability.
  • Features Anti-Corrosion Coating for extended lifespan.
  • Equipped with a dedicated, Automatic Vacuum System for efficiency.

Embark on a Sustainable Energy Journey

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